Staff Stability – Entry 2

Dear Diary:

I met with Dan, our administrator, and shared concerns I have and have heard from staff about staff turnover. In looking at our data, most of our turnover occurs in the first 60 days of employment. It really was surprising to see that this trend is happening across most positions.  We’re going to share the data at all our staff meetings this month and ask for their input on why this is happening.

Dan and I also reviewed the resources on the Advancing Excellence website. There are some really great tools and ideas there. Dan’s going to work with Human Resources to complete the staff stability tracking tool. I think this will help us figure out whether or not there are any other trends with our turnover. I’m going to dig into the resources on the website. It looks like a big project, but if we can make our staff more stable, I think many other things will run more smoothly.

I’m also going to ask for volunteers to work on our nursing orientation program at our department meeting this week. I think it’s important that staff from all three shifts are involved. There are some excellent orientation resources on the Advancing Excellence website. I’m going to suggest a review of our current orientation program and have them design a mentorship program for nursing assistants and nurses.

At our leadership meeting, we talked about turnover and the housekeeping supervisor and social worker volunteered to help. They’ve both had some issues. It’s great to get input from all departments!

I feel better about this now. At first, it felt like such a big task. Breaking it down and starting someplace I think we can manage really helps. I know that staff stability will depend on more than a new orientation and mentoring program. We can use our next staff satisfaction survey as well as tracking our turnover to measure our results. It’s a journey, but I can handle it with everyone’s help and support. I wonder what other systems I should look at related to staff stability?

Signed, Donna

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