Resident/Family Engagement – Entry 2

Dear Diary:

Our QAPI team met and we brainstormed on how we can improve on being more responsive to resident and family concerns and suggestions. It was helpful to look at the ideas that high performing home shared in the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Change Package.

We want to engage residents and families more in our work teams and have them participate in various committee meetings. Some of the families and residents do attend the resident and family council meetings, but often those just turn into “complaint sessions.” We need to be more proactive by getting their input in the planning stages rather than waiting until there is a problem.  Joyce, our activity director, has once again stepped up. She agrees that having some residents and family members on the committee that plans activities is a great idea, and she wonders why she never thought of this before. I think we’ll learn a lot by listening to these voices it will be a great way to show them that we need their input, care about their concerns and value their suggestions. If all goes well, we will talk about how we can include  residents and family members on other planning committees. We want resident and family engagement to become part of our culture.

I wonder  what other nursing homes are doing to engage their residents and families?

Signed, Donna

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  • We are using abaqis ( at our facility to measure customer satisfaction and to manage our QAPI plan. It has been helpful at our facility as it’s all-encompassing – assisting with our QIS as well as resident satisfaction, reducing hospital readmissions and implementing PIPs while meeting QAPI requirements. We’ve involved all our departments and with just a few minutes a day, we’re able to conduct our resident and family interviews and evaluate changes needed. We’ve seen a real improvement at our facility. I highly recommend it!

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