QAPI – Entry 3

Dear Diary,

I went to a conference session recently on quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI). Other homes shared what they’re doing and I feel like we’re already doing a lot of the same things. Yes! I know we can further develop our QAPI plan too. Using the Guide for Developing a QAPI Plan, we have started writing our plan, taking one section at a time. It’s going slow, but we’re having really good discussions among our leadership team and staff.

For Step 1 QAPI Goals, we started by reviewing our vision and mission statements. Our mission: “to preserve and enhance the quality of life of those we serve by promoting individuality, independence, and choice for everyone.” Our vision: “to improve the quality of life for those we serve.” We feel it’s important to have our mission statement and values known by everyone who enters our door. We have more work to do in this area.

The next step is to describe how QAPI supports our vision and mission. We talked a lot about how QAPI can support our mission of promoting individuality and choice. We came up with:

The purpose of QAPI at Riverview Rehabilitation and Care Center is to take a proactive approach in the way we care for and engage our residents, caregivers, and other partners so that we might realize our vision of improving the lives of those we touch.”

We always must think about the residents and how everything we do should contribute to improving their lives. All of us have to participate in QAPI efforts which promote resident individuality, independence, and choice. We had a great discussion about how our quality improvement efforts should have our vision and mission in the forefront.

I’m proud of the QAPI goals we came up with. For example, we all agreed being serious about improving the lives of all we touch means QAPI must include all employees, all departments, and all services we provide. One of our goals is to hold monthly QAPI meetings that include at least one representative from each department. We also are asking for residents and family members who are interested in participating.

I think we have a great start. Developing the QAPI plan seems overwhelming, but breaking it down into steps is helping. Our next step will be to define the scope of QAPI. I am excited to see what our team members come up with for this one. I wonder what other homes are doing to implement QAPI?

Signed, Donna


  • I agree that there is always improvement to be had. We continue to struggle with using QAPI as a discussion platform, but have made small strides in that direction. What we decided recently is to review our QAPI data monthly, auditing, implementing committees, etc. with our quarterly QAPI meeting setting goals, action plan, etc. Our biggest hurdle always is time!

    • Yes, agree that time is a big factor. Everyone wears many hats now at our facilities, especially if you are in a smaller home. Also, coming up with ways to educate new staff members (as that is ongoing) on QAPI. We need to come up with a good education tool for orientation!

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