QAPI – Entry 2

Dear Diary:

We talked about Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) at our leadership meeting today. Some of the managers seemed on board and some didn’t. I talked about quality and how it wasn’t just the nursing department’s issue. I showed the video by Alice Bonner on the CMS website and distributed copies of “QAPI at a Glance”. I asked them to review it before our next meeting. Our administrator, Dan, suggested we have a discussion at our next meeting about what quality means in our home and what we want for our residents and staff. We’re going to review our mission and values and see how QAPI fits in. We also plan on completing the QAPI Self Assessment as a team. I imagine that will help guide our next steps and lead to more discussion.

This is exciting. I hope everyone can understand the importance of quality improvement being everyone’s responsibility and get on board. It will make such a difference to our residents if we can have a united front to make improvements continuous and their lives better. I’d also like to get that five star rating back!

I wonder how other homes are incorporating QAPI into their daily work?

Signed, Donna

Share your nursing home perspective on this quality improvement issue.