Person-Directed Care – Entry 1

Dear Diary:

Recently, our residents and families completed our annual satisfaction surveys. Over the past year we have been working hard to change our culture so it is more person directed. We have been providing more meal choices as well as schedules and bathing options based on resident preferences. With all of that, only 70% of our families and residents are satisfied that we are meeting resident’s choices and preferences. That is just not good enough! I’d like to see at least 90%.

Our QAPI team is in agreement that we need more information to find out why so many families and residents perceive that we are not providing choices and individualizing care for the residents.  Now I need to figure out how we should we go about getting more information. But how?

Signed, Donna


  • We are working on the subject of food for our person centered care journey. Both our resident and family surveys indicated that we were well below others in this area so we have met on monthly basis to trial new things.
    We have added more scratch cooking to our menu with real vs. fake potatoes, more fresh baked buns, working on presentation of food on plates along with dining room environmental changes. Allowing more choices for residents at meals and in between snack options.
    Numbers are slowly moving in the right direction.

  • We have tried “drill down” surveys of our families, to try to get more specific information on an satisfaction that doesn’t meet our goals. Sometimes we don’t get great returns. We have also started family meetings, so we can use those forums for feedback.

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