Incontinence – Entry 1

Dear Diary:

While making rounds, I joined a huddle at the nursing station regarding Hattie. We had a scare two weeks ago when her indwelling catheter was discontinued and she developed a urinary tract infection. She was pretty sick and everyone was worried about her. She was treated with antibiotics here at River View and is doing much better. Staff continues to encourage her to drink and is monitoring how she’s feeling.

Sherry, Hattie’s nursing assistant, shared that Hattie continues with some incontinence even though she just finished the antibiotic. Some of the staff suggested having her wear an adult brief. Sherry commented that Hattie is such a charming lady and was really independent before moving here. Although wearing a brief might bother Hattie, Sherry thought she might agree because she doesn’t like the “accidents.” Sherry is going to offer Hattie an incontinence pad to make her more comfortable. Anna, the charge nurse, said we need more information to decide on next steps. She’s going to talk with Hattie and see if she can get more history about any previous incontinence. She’s also going to see if Hattie will agree to a three-day voiding diary. What other things can we do to assist Hattie?

Signed, Donna

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