Antibiotic Stewardship – Entry 5

Dear Diary:

Our Antibiotic Stewardship workgroup has sure been working hard these past four months to develop our Antibiotic Stewardship Program. We feel good about what we have accomplished and are beginning to implement the program. Today, we finalized our education plan. At our next scheduled all-staff meeting, Dr. Amery will share the basics about antibiotics use and why antibiotic stewardship is important. Joanne, our IP, will give an overview at our monthly staff meetings so everyone can be up to date on our Antibiotic Stewardship Program and how we track antibiotic use.

We also put antibiotic stewardship on our agenda for the next resident council meeting and family council meeting and created a flier to explain our program. It’s important that residents and families understand the importance of antibiotic stewardship. Families often ask us to give antibiotics to their loved ones. We need to work with families to help them understand the importance of not over-prescribing and creating resistance. Since antibiotic use is a problem for all age groups, maybe families will think twice about how they approach their own physicians regarding antibiotic use!

To make sure that this program is sustained, and that we continue to evaluate how it’s going, antibiotic stewardship is now as a standing agenda item at our monthly QAPI meetings. We’ll review use data and discuss improving the program.

It has taken us several months, but I am proud of how our team came together to develop this program. We learned a lot! I wonder how other nursing homes have approached this process.

Signed, Donna


  • Donna,
    We have also been working on creating a family resident flier. We are at the beginning stages can you direct me to some good resources for creating this

  • Hello Kim,

    We found a great resource that the CDC developed called “What You Need to Know About Antibiotics in a Nursing Home.” You can share it with your residents and families-it will save you a lot of time. You can find it here: . Hope that helps!

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