Antibiotic Stewardship – Entry 4

Dear Diary:

Today our Antibiotic Stewardship workgroup spent time discussing how to track and report antibiotic use. Joanne, one of our clinical managers who is also serving as our infection preventionist, recently attended infection control training. She brought back some great resources to help track the infections in our facility and will take the lead in both tracking and reporting antibiotic use. Joanne attends our daily interdisciplinary meetings. We decided to add antibiotic use as a discussion item for these meetings. Joanne will use the information she learns at these meetings to determine when a new antibiotic is started. In the future, we plan on evaluating how we can use our EHR to get this information. Using the Antibiotic Stewardship Program Policy as our guide, we decided that the Infection Preventionist will be responsible for:

  • Infection surveillance and MDRO tracking
  • Collecting and reviewing data such as:
    • Type of antibiotic ordered, route of administration, antibiotic costs
    • Whether the order was made by phone, if order was given by attending physician or on-call doctor
    • Whether appropriate tests, such as cultures, were obtained before ordering an antibiotic
    • Whether the antibiotic was effective or needed to be changed during the course of treatment

Our pharmacy consultant’s role in tracking will be to review and report antibiotic usage data including numbers and kinds of antibiotics prescribed, days of therapy, and the number of residents treated each month.

Once we have gathered the data that we are tracking, Reporting is the next core element to work on. So far, we’ve decided on a reporting process:

  • The Infection Preventionist will review and report findings to our QAPI committee, which will provide feedback to facility staff.
  • The Medical  Director will give feedback to physicians on their individual prescribing patterns of cultures ordered and antibiotics prescribed, as indicated.

Signed, Donna

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